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After the dust settles on your divorce judgment, will you recognize your life? Attorney Beverly Krieger (formerly of Greenberg & Krieger, LLP) and the legal team at Lovejoy and Rimer, P.C., take the time to understand who you are. We look at your total life circumstances, not just the frustrations of the moment. Our team of Norwalk family law attorneys has decades of zealous, successful legal experience in family law courts throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Norwalk and Greenwich Divorce Attorneys Who Listen and Assert Your Interests

We know that you need more from your divorce lawyer than just legal advice. You need help making sense of and getting through the process. You need — and deserve — to be heard. We take the time to listen. We will clearly explain your options, in language that you can understand. You will move through the complex process of negotiation and settlement fully informed and empowered to make decisions that are best for your future and your family’s future. If a trial becomes necessary, you will have a team of experienced, aggressive divorce trial lawyers by your side, vigorously fighting for your rights.

Contact our Norwalk law firm to discuss your circumstances. We offer a 30 minute complimentary initial consultation.

One Focus — You

At our law firm, you will work directly with your family law attorney throughout your divorce and related domestic relations disputes. Your case will receive the full resources and professional experience of principal attorneys who have committed their careers to divorce and family law litigation. Right now, can you trust your future to anything less?

Our Norwalk, Connecticut, Divorce and Family Law Practice

We focus exclusively on all aspects of Connecticut divorce litigation, divorce arbitration, divorce mediation and divorce settlement, including family law issues such as:

  • Child custody and child support: When children are at the heart of your divorce or separation, we keep their interests a high priority. Whether you are married and seeking divorce or are unmarried and addressing custody matters, we have the experience needed to help you understand the components of child custody, explain the court’s view of sole vs. joint custody and help you create a parenting plan that achieves your goals and aligns with the best interests of your child/children. We also address critical concerns involving what to do if you are being alienated by the other parent during or after divorce, immediate protections available when a parent unlawfully takes a child prior to, during or after divorce or separation actions, and how to deal with delicate divorce and parenting plan concerns when you have a special needs child. We are also at the cutting edge of the new surrogacy law and the definition of who is a parent. This law is of growing concern to both gay and heterosexual parents in Norwalk, Connecticut, and the surrounding towns of Greenwich, Wilton and Westport.
  • High net worth property settlements: We work aggressively to protect your rights and your financial interests in divorce and separation actions in Fairfield County, Connecticut. We have the professional resources to handle complex matters involving business valuations, retirement asset valuation, securities and inherited property. Our Norwalk divorce lawyers have the comprehensive knowledge and legal skills to analyze your situation and advise you regarding creating qualified and unqualified domestic relations orders (QDROs and DROs), dealing with family-owned businesses and a multitude of other complex and high asset property issues along with the tax implications of all divorce related transactions.
  • Alimony and support: The amount and term of alimony and spousal support are critical to your ability to flourish financially after divorce. As experienced Norwalk and Greenwich family law attorneys, we help clients understand how spousal support and alimony are determined in Connecticut and ensure that there is full disclosure of information in order to secure fair disposition of alimony or spousal support when applicable. We understand the unique concerns that arise when a household is supported by income from both parties, and the emotional and financial strain that often comes with losing the financial support of a spouse during or after divorce.
  • Same-sex marriage and same-sex partners and domestic partnership law: Same-sex partners face a myriad of family-related legal concerns, from same-sex parenting and adoption to property and tax ramifications. Our family law attorneys offer comprehensive legal services to same-sex partners and same-sex parents — whether their concerns involve custody, property, tax or related legal concerns.
  • Other family law matters: We also handle family law matters relating to out-of-state and international divorce and custody, relocation, post-judgment (after divorce) modifications and surrogacy. Our firm also provides compassionate and skilled representation in matters involving domestic violence and restraining orders (protective orders), contempt and court order enforcement, parenting plan violations and parental kidnapping.

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From our Norwalk, Connecticut offices, our divorce lawyers represent individuals in divorce and family law matters in communities throughout Fairfield County. Call us or contact our family law firm online for a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced attorney.

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