We live in an imperfect world. When you cannot pretend any longer that “they all lived happily ever after” applies to your marriage, turn to the family law attorneys who are experienced in offering solutions to problems created by divorce. Contact an aggressive Norwalk divorce court lawyer at our law firm.

Our Connecticut divorce law attorneys have decades of experience and offer strong, proactive representation for men and women who are seeking aggressive advocacy in divorce court.

See you in court?

To litigate or not to litigate: that is the question. If you wish to avoid litigation, our Norwalk divorce attorneys will work with you to develop an acceptable solution to all parties involved, through mediation, collaboration and negotiation. However, if your case can only be resolved through litigation, your legal representatives at our Connecticut litigation firm have the experience to strategize and advocate your position to its full extent. We are all about results.

Divorce can be a very emotional experience for everyone involved. You will need a lawyer with a clear head and an excellent strategy. If you face a divorce, or related family law issue such as child custody and support, father’s rights, denied visitation, or property division, you may have many questions about your next move and how best to proceed.

Is court the best course of action?

Our Norwalk divorce attorneys approach each case individually with each client to design a strategy that considers your personal needs and goals. We always thoroughly explain your legal options and the likely consequences to them so you can make an informed decision about your best course of action. We are knowledgeable about whether divorce litigation, mediation, or mediation may be the best course of action for you. A divorce trial is always an option if parties cannot come to an agreement.

Innovative team approach

The lawyers at our law firm work together as a litigation team, using the strengths of the various attorneys in a way most beneficial to our clients. One attorney may prepare trial documents. Another may take witnesses’ depositions. We believe that this not only works in our clients’ best interests, but also gives them "the most bang for the buck" in family court or any other court.

Why choose our firm

With 80% of her time devoted to litigation, Norwalk divorce attorney Greenberg knows her way around court and is experienced in aggressively representing our clients in court hearings. Less experienced lawyers can’t stand up to the pressures of tough litigation. Our litigation team is committed to fighting for what is right and fair for you. We tirelessly and aggressively work in trial to protect your legal rights.

You need a lawyer with a clear head and a good strategy. With an excessively high priced lawyer you may end up paying for their kids college education rather than your own. When it is time to do battle with a soon-to-be former spouse, contact an aggressive and experienced Norwalk Divorce Attorney at our qualified family law firm. We offer free 1/2 hour initial consultations.

Aggressive. Compassionate. Committed.

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