Can You Keep Premarital Assets Separate from Marital Property?

Yes, marriage is supposed to mean joining resources to make a life together. But not all spouses bring an equal share of property or asset value into a marriage. Some individuals have significant financial resources or a meaningful inheritance that they wish to be kept separate from joint marital property.

If you are considering marriage and have significant premarital assets that you feel should be protected from joint property in the event of divorce, come to our law firm for solutions. We can help you protect your premarital assets with a well-written prenuptial agreement. If a prenuptial agreement isn’t enough, or you are already married and considering divorce, we will assess your circumstances and give you an honest appraisal of your legal situation. Our attorneys have been protecting the rights of individuals through divorce for decades.

The best way to preserve separate status for your premarital assets is by getting a legally enforceable signed prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement. As long as you refrain from commingling assets and financial resources after marriage, you may be able to retain individual classification on property such as:

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