Your Family Business Is A Key Valuable Asset

People that own and operate a family business know how hard they work to make it a valuable asset. Both spouses are often partners in successful day-to-day operations. When a divorce is imminent, it is natural for both parties to fight aggressively to protect their financial interests.

Our law firm's divorce attorneys have extensive experience representing clients with family-owned businesses at stake in their divorce judgment. We work with a network of business valuation and property settlement experts to determine the best approach for our clients. We help our clients understand the full legal, financial and tax consequences of fighting for the family business in the final settlement agreement. The knowledge and understanding we provide will empower you to make the best possible decision for your long-term future.

"Often, spouses fight over a family business because they are afraid it must be broken up as part of the divorce settlement. We will help you find a solution that protects your financial interests without destroying what you worked so hard to build." Attorney Beverly Krieger

If you are concerned about what will happen to your interest in a family business after your divorce, let us give you straight answers about marital property division.

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