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Divorce can be the most difficult time in people’s lives. Attorney Beverly Krieger (formerly of Greenberg & Krieger, LLP) and the legal team at Lovejoy and Rimer, P.C. understand that. We know that our clients need more than just sound legal advice. People need to know they will come out on the other side of their divorce judgment with their lives, family and financial interests intact.

Highly Responsive and Approachable

Our attorneys have years of experience in family law courts throughout southwestern Connecticut. We know what constitutes a fair and equitable settlement and we are serious, zealous advocates on our clients’ behalf. But we are dedicated to more than just a fair settlement or trial judgment. We are committed to making sure that you are listened to and empowered to make decisions and take actions that will impact your life long after the dust has settled on your divorce.

We start by examining every component of your life, from child custody issues, to complex financial arrangements and tax consequences for years to come. Getting things right requires fastidious preparation and planning — and we work to get things right for every client we represent.

“Many family law attorneys can answer questions about the divorce process. It takes years of experience to know what questions to ask you about your life. We look beneath the surface of your immediate needs to discover what you want your future to look like decades after the ink is dry.” Attorney Beverly Krieger

After decades of experience in Connecticut family law practice, we have learned something very important: Nothing short of vigorous preparation and zealous representation is sufficient to protect your rights and financial interests. We prepare every divorce case knowing that a trial may be necessary to settle complicated matters. We do our best to help you avoid that necessity. Throughout everything, our firm promises you access to the full legal and professional resources you need. That can include the independent resources of professional child welfare experts and financial specialists.

We Offer a Complimentary Initial Consultation to Learn More About Each Other

From our offices in Norwalk, Connecticut, our lawyers represent individuals in divorce and family law matters in communities throughout Fairfield County. Call us or contact us by e-mail for a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney.

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