Life Changes. Do You Need to Change Your Divorce Judgment?

The courts understand that people’s lives change. What made sense for parenting time, child support and spousal maintenance at the time of your divorce may not make sense anymore. Under the right circumstances, you can appeal to the courts to modify certain aspects of your original divorce agreement.

Modify Parenting Plans, Support Obligations and Other Court Orders

The Norwalk child and spousal support modification lawyers at our law firm have decades of experience representing clients who are seeking a post-divorce modification to their original settlement with regard to child support, spousal support or alimony, custody/parenting plans and other family court orders. We will take the time to discuss your life needs and how a modification can be a positive change for everyone involved.

Some legitimate reasons for seeking a post-divorce modification include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Change in work schedule
  • Remarriage
  • Changed financial circumstances
  • Educational opportunities
  • Cohabitation

Norwalk and Greenwich Spousal Support Modification Lawyers

Our attorneys have decades of experience, extensive knowledge of Connecticut laws and a determination to help our clients. Therefore, when clients come to us indicating a significant change in their lives, we work to identify how the law applies to their situation and to assist them in seeking modification of the existing alimony or spousal support order. The court may consider an increase, decrease or termination of support due to significant changes in circumstances, such as:

  • Decrease in an individual’s ability to pay support
  • Cohabitation or remarriage of the party receiving support
  • Change in an individual’s ability to be self-supporting
  • Change in the health of either party affecting ability to earn income
  • Other changes in circumstances

Connecticut Child Support and Child Custody Modifications

Our Norwalk child support modification attorneys understand how the economy and other financial factors can significantly impact and impair your ability to manage financial obligations, including obligations to support your children. Likewise, we comprehend the hardships custodial parents face when they have insufficient financial resources to support their children. When there has been a significant change in financial circumstances, the court may review your case to determine if an increase or decrease in child support is warranted.

In all cases involving children, the court’s focus is on the best interest of the child or children involved. Therefore, when a parent seeks a modification of child custody or modification of the parenting plan, the court will thoroughly review the case to determine what is in the best interests of the child or children. Many times, a request for a child custody modification arises following changed circumstances such as:

  • A parent desires more parenting time (sometimes referred to as visitation)
  • A parent desires to relocate with the child
  • A parent’s work schedule has changed, affecting the current parenting plan arrangements
  • The child’s schedule or needs have changed as he/she has grown older
  • A parent suspects the child has been exposed to child abuse or neglect

What About Relocation and Parenting Plans?

Relocating a custodial child away from a non-custodial parent is an emotional issue that often results in serious disagreements. If you are seeking to relocate your family because of a job change or new relationship, or if you are fighting a relocation request, let us use our experience to protect your rights and help you resolve the matter efficiently and effectively.

Contact Our Skilled and Assertive Post-Divorce Modification Lawyers

Discuss your unique situation with an experienced attorney who will advocate for your interests. From our offices in Norwalk, Connecticut, our lawyers represent individuals in divorce and post-divorce modification matters in communities throughout Fairfield County. Call us or contact our law firm by e-mail for a complimentary initial consultation with an experienced Connecticut divorce attorney.

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